Topic 2: Chemical Bonding and Structure

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1. It doesn't conduct when solid, it has a high melting point, it is...

  • a metallic structure
  • a giant ionic OR giant covalent structure
  • a simple molecular structure
  • an ionic lattice
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2. Which of these has the lowest boiling point?

  • 2-methylhexane
  • 2,2,dimethylpropane
  • But-1-ene
  • ethanol

3. In order for a substance to dissolve...

  • ...the solute-solute bonds need to be stronger than the solvent-solvent bonds
  • ...polar compounds should be used as the solvent
  • ...the attractions formed between the solute and solvent need to be stronger than the original bonds
  • ... a compound with a different type of bonding must be used

4. Which of these phrases is correct?

  • CO2 is a polar molecule
  • A molecule whose dipoles reinforce each other must be symmetrical.
  • A molecule can have polar bonds and not have an overall polarity
  • All molecules with polar bonds have permanent dipoles

5. If a molecule has two bonded and two lone pairs; it's ...

  • v-shaped
  • tetrahedral
  • got a bond angle of 109.5
  • trigonal bipyramidal


Ahmed Ahnaf


London forces are the weakest bonds among the intermolecular forces. One of the answers in the question is wrong. Please rectify the mistake whoever has made this. Appreciate the fact that you have spent your time making this.

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