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Where different cultures become similar over time.
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Alternative Tourism
Small scale tourism eg. ecotourism and adventure tourism.
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Carrying Capacity
The maximum number of visitors that a site or facility can hold at one time.
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Allows developments that don't damage the character and landscape of a destination.
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Cumulative Causation
Process where an increase in economic growth can lead to even more growth as money is able to circulate the economy.
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Demonstration Effect
Where locals copy the tourists in dress sense, lifestyle and behaviour.
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Destination Footprint
The environmental impact of a tourist travelling to a certain destination.
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Domestic Tourism
Tourists travelling to a holiday within the country that they live in.
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Ecological footprint
How much land it takes to provide the service. Also includes the disposal of the waste produced by the visitors.
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Economic leakage
When the money for a holiday doesn't benefit the local community, it goes towards the travel company who run the hotel. For example, all inclusive holidays.
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Tourism that is ecofriendly and promotes educating people about the local environment and conservation.
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Forgein Direct Investment
Overseas investment through Transnational Corporations (TNCs)
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The increasing connection of the world economically, culturally and politically.
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Honeypot locations
The main attraction location that is usually designed for large amounts of visitors.
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Mass Tourism
Where large numbers of tourists go to in a clearly defined season.
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Multiplier effect
A change that results in further growth or decline in a region or country that is a tourist location.
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Package tour
The most popular type of foreign holidays. This is where travel, accommodation and meals will be included in the price.
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When people participate in activites and events.
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Responsible Tourism
Visiting a destination with a minimal negative impact on the environment or culture of an area.
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Sustainable Tourism
The encouragement of investment, local jobs, protection of local cultures and landscapes.
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Alternative Tourism


Small scale tourism eg. ecotourism and adventure tourism.

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Carrying Capacity


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Cumulative Causation


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