Unit 1, 2 & 3

What are 'the commandments'?
the collection of 10 laws given by God.
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Who are the 'disciples'?
Followers of Jesus.
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What does 'the eye of a needle' mean?
A metaphor used by Jesus to show that wealth makes it difficult to enter the Kingdom of God.
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What is meant by 'the kingdom'?
The rule of God in peoples lives.
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Who was 'Levi'?
A tax collector who was called to be a disciple.
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What was 'Peter's denial'?
The way Peter said he was not a follower of Jesus after the arrest of Jesus.
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What is 'self-sacrifice'?
Putting other people's needs before your own.
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What is 'Service'?
An act or help of assistance.
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Who are the 'Sons of Zebedee'?
The brothers James and John whom Jesus called to follow him.
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What is 'true family'?
Those who follow the teachings of Jesus.
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What is 'true greatness'?
The teaching of Jesus that service of others is true greatness.
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Who are 'the Twelve'?
the twelve selected from the disciples to be Jesus' closest
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What is 'ministry'?
Jesus' work of teaching people about God.
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Who are the 'Pharisees'?
a group of very religious Jews who followed the Jewish rules.
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What is a 'parable'?
A story Jesus told to help his followers understand his teachings; all parts of thee stories have a deeper meaning.
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What is a 'capstone'?
A stone that crowns the top of a construction, sometimes referred to as a 'cornerstone'; it is vital to support a building.
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How many times did the disciples let down Jesus and as a result he was arrested?
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What is a 'Gentile'?
Anyone who is not Jewish.
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In the Parable of the sower what does the seed represent?
The word of God.
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In the parable of the tenants who did the Vineyard owner who lived far away represent?
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What is a 'corban'? (Unit 2 start)
A gift dedicated to God which meant that it could not be used for anything else.
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What is 'fasting'?
Going without any food on certain days as a sign of devotion to God.
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What is 'the Law'?
The collection of laws handed down by god and collected in the Torah.
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What is 'Palm Sunday'?
the Sunday before Good Friday when Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey.
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What does 'Passion' mean?
The sufferings of Jesus, especially in the leading up to his crucifixion.
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Who are the 'Pharisees'?
A religious group whose aim was to keep the traditional Jewish faith alive.
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What is 'ritual cleanliness'?
the Jewish laws on food and washing which prevented anything unclean entering the body.
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What is the 'Sabbath'?
the Jewish day of rest on the seventh day of the week.
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Who are the 'Scribes'?
Religious lawyers; originally men who made copies of the Torah.
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Who were the 'Sadducees'?
A group of priests who controlled the Temple and collaborated with the Romans.
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Who were 'sinners'?
Those who did not follow all the Jewish Laws.
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What was the 'Temple'?
The building in Jerusalem where sacrifices were made.
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What is 'blasphemy'?
Associating oneself with God/using language that insults God.
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What is 'absolution'?
God's pardon, granted by a priest, to a person who confesses their sins.
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Who did Jesus have a disagreement with over the Sabbath?
The Pharisees.
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Who are the 'Sanhedrin'?
The supreme Jewish council in the Temple, which included the High Priest.(A Sadducee.)
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What is 'Passover'?
A festival that celebrates God rescuing the Jews from Slavery in Egypt.
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Who betrayed Jesus to the Chief Priests?
Judas Iscariot.
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Jesus' entry into Jerusalem may have caused conflict, this is because the crowds cried something, what was it?
"Hosanna" (meaning God save us).
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In the story of "The healing of the paralysed man" why did some teachers of the law thinking Jesus was blaspheming?
Because Jesus used the title 'Son of Man'.
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What is 'blasphemy'? (Unit 3)
Associating oneself with God/language or deeds which insult God.
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What is 'crucifixion'?
The Roman death penalty suffered by Jesus when he was nailed to the cross.
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What is 'The feast of unleavened bread'?
The first day of the Passover festival.
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What is 'Gethsemane'?
The place where Jesus was arrested.
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What is 'Golgotha'?
The place of the Skull; the place where Jesus was crucified.
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Who is the 'High Priest'?
The chief Jewish leader at the time of Jesus.
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Who was 'Judas Iscariot'?
The disciple who betrayed Jesus.
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What is the 'Last Supper'?
The last meal Jesus ate with his disciples which founded the Eucharist.
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What is 'Passover'?
A Jewish festival celebrating the release from Egypt.
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Who was 'Pontious Pilate'?
The Roman procurator (governor) of Judea at the time of Jesus.
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Who were the 'Sanhedrin'?
The supreme Jewish council which found Jesus guilty of blasphemy.
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What is the 'Upper Room'?
The place where the Last Supper took place.
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Who are the 'disciples'?


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What does 'the eye of a needle' mean?


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What is meant by 'the kingdom'?


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