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World Health organisation definition
A complete state of physical mental and social well-being
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Effects of meeting physical needs
healthy body system, improved fitness, reduced chance of illness, healthy weight maintenance.
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Basic needs
food, shelter, water, warmth, clothing, rest, good personal hygiene
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effects of meeting intellectual needs
improved concentration, the ability to learn, clearer thinking
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6 basic emotional needs
loved, respected,secure,wanted, needed, supported
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5 Effects of meeting emotional needs
improved self esteem, improved motivational levels, increase in emotion resilience, improved self confidence, reduced stress
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Self esteem definition
How much you value yourself
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Self image definition
The mental image you have of yourself
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Effects of meeting social needs
closer friendship, improved quality of social life, extended patterns of social relationship
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4 effects of weight gain
Heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, cancers, High blood pressure
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2 effects of weight loss
Anemia, stunted bone growth
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effects of inability to think clearly
the effects of alcohol, feeling ill, nowhere quiet to work/study, hunger, effects of drug abuse
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Emotional effects of an unhealthy lifestyle
Anxiety, unhappiness, stress, negative self image, hard to maintain relationships, psychological dependence
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Example of psychological dependencies
Smoking, self harming, gambling, shopping, taking drugs, drinking alcohol, eating, sniffing solvent
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Psychological definition
an emotional need for a substance or activity that is is not needed physically
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Social effects of unhealthy lifestyle
Social, isolation,increased pressure on existing friendship groups, may lead to anti- social behavouir
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The effects of unbalanced diet
obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease/ heart failure, high blood pressure, cancers, strokes, excessive weight loss/ anorexia
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Physical benefits of exercise
better stamina, higher energy levels, aids weight loss, better strength, relieves stress
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BMI calculation
weight in kg/ height in m 2(squared)
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The perfect BMI weight
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Aerobic cardiovascular exercise definition
running, cycling and swimming and raises the heart rate for a period of time.
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The effects of poorer living conditions
More likely to have accidents in the home, more conflict, may be damp, may be cramped and small.
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The effects of better living conditions
Quieter/peaceful resulting in better sleep, more outdoor space for children to play
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Negative effects of sharing
Lack of privacy, space of belongings, space to do schoolwork,space for hobbies.
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what do family and partners influences you on
What you eat, how you dress, your moods and behaviour, your motivation, whether you exercise, whether you smoke or take substance.
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Types of support groups
Alcoholic anonymous, drugs, slimming groups, STIs, fitness,
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Informal support
Family, Friends, work colleagues, partners. they are not paid for their support.
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Financial Limitation
A lack of money will influence the choices you can make.
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Healthy choices on limited budget
Tinned oily fish, measure portions sizes, freeze left over meals, canned fruit and vegetables, make own lunches.
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How many unit should a man drink a day?
3-4 units per day
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How many unit should a man drink a week?
21 units a week
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How many unit should a woman drink a day?
2-3 units per day
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How many unit should a woman drink a week?
14 units per week
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Physical effect of binge drinking
Vomiting, loss of sensory, blackouts
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Alcohol dependence definition
This is a physical and mental need to drink alcohol and the inability to stop.
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Effects of alcohol dependence
Cravings for alcohol, withdrawal systems if you stop, physical emotional and social effects, premature deaths, long term health risks.
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chronic definition
this means long term
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Progressive definition
effects become more severe over time
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Influences on lifestyle choices
Role models, self esteem levels, mental health and illness, education and understanding, personal and family finances,
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Effects of lack of sleep
anxiety/depression, irritability, stress and high blood pressures,fatigue, lower energy levels, increased risk of accidents.
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Effects of meeting physical needs


healthy body system, improved fitness, reduced chance of illness, healthy weight maintenance.

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Basic needs


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effects of meeting intellectual needs


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6 basic emotional needs


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